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  • JohnKendrick - Sunday 4 April 2021 13:55
    Thank you very much for the identification.
  • John Attwater - Sunday 4 April 2021 13:37
    The King's School Ely.
  • JohnKendrick - Thursday 11 March 2021 00:12
    The one pictured is definitely on a cap which I guess dates from the 1950s. When would the berry date from?
  • Paul wilkins - Wednesday 10 March 2021 17:35
    I still have a metal badge was on a Berry in my dau
  • JohnKendrick - Friday 28 August 2020 15:32
    Pleased you found your badge on the site. I've emailed you a copy.
  • Christine Smith - Friday 28 August 2020 14:52
    I have been looking for my old school badge for years and came across it on your site this evening. Fantastic to see it once againafter all these years. I attended Offerton Secondary School for girls from September 1968 to end od term 1973.
    How would I be able to obtain a copy of the badge as i would really like to post it on my school site.
  • JohnKendrick - Sunday 26 July 2020 17:31
    Thank you I'll follow that thought up. Does look like it could be doesn't it?
  • kdellow21 - Thursday 23 July 2020 23:20
    i reckon it is a old badge for Ralph Butterfield Primary School as this school is in haxby in York road and it fits with the letters.
  • J KENYON SLANEY - Monday 20 July 2020 04:20
    Thank goodness I was only at that hell hole of a school for 2 years. Because if I had been there for any longer, I would either be dead or have become a bum in the gutter
  • DAVID HART - Saturday 6 June 2020 21:46
    I went to this school from 1961 till name is David Hart. Good school. Mr Jenkins headmaster.