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About Us

This web site has been set up to provide information on the railways in the Yorkshire Coast area. It contains some of my research being made to construct a virtual railway for the Microsoft Train Simulator.

Much of the information can be found from other various sources but I am not aware of any other web site that covers the area as a whole. It would be good to think that perhaps some of the long closed routes may eventually be considered for reopening. The trend presently is looking to reopen some long closed lines where they provide a vital link such as the 6 miles between Pickering and Rillington to provide a direct access route from York to Whitby via the North Yorkshire Moors Railway route. Other lines will never be considered for this as their purpose has expired such as the freight route from Battersby to Rosedale. With imagination, just maybe some of the other routes could be put back where the general infrastructure still exists and a potential tourist demand is present. Parts of the Scarborough to Whitby line could be considered a candidate for this with a narrow gauge track running alongside what is now a well used trailway.

If you too think along these lines (excuse the pun) why not make an entry on the Guest Book. This would be appreciated, as would any views about this site in general.

Whether or not any real routes get reopened, one can dream and that is where the Train Simulator comes in. By following the Virtual Railway pages you can watch what progress is being made reconstructing these routes. To do this reconstruction it will be necessary to make models of many of the Track-side Features that were or still are present. Fortunately, many of these still exist even after 50 years of closure. Station buildings may be no longer be stations, but their fabric is still there to be seen. In some instances these have been lovingly restored to their former glory and have had track put back and rolling stock instated.

Now to join them all back together!